A dedicated AIS display solution for use with your CSB 200

  • The CSD 200 is a dedicated colour AIS Display.
  • Displays and controls information from either the CSA 200 Class A Transponder or the CSB 200 Class B.
  • All AIS equipped vessels within VHF range can be displayed on:
    • A radar like screen or
    • On a worldwide background chart or
    • with the addition of a C-Map chart cartridge, targets can be overlaid onto a full colour detailed chart background.
  • Visible targets can be listed and sorted by name or MMSI number.
  • Full initialisation and control is available from simple menu setup screens.

Technical Specification

CSD 200 features:

  • Complete information from all AIS vessels within range.
  • Variable CPA parameters giving visual and audible alarm.
  • The ability to plot the targets in real time on a chart background.
  • Reception and transmission of messages dependent on model.
  • Tabular listing of vessels sorted by range or bearing.
  • Zoom, pan, brightness, contrast, audible alarm.

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