The Simrad AP60 is the latest addition to the award winning family of
Simrad autopilots. Replacing the renowned AP35, the AP60 is the most
cost effective autopilot system available on the market today, providing
commercial vessels with the perfect balance of performance and price.

The Simrad AP60 is an entry level pilot packed with features often reserved for high-end
autopilots. It completes the Simrad autopilot range, sitting just under the premium AP70
and AP80 systems.

Intuitive and easy to use
Based on the proven user interface of the AP70 and AP80, the AP60 is incredibly easy to
set up and use. The intuitive menu system and large, high contrast monochrome screen
with clear digits make reading the display effortless. The heading control includes a rotary course control wheel, as well as dedicated
WORK, AUTO and STANDBY buttons enabling simple performance selection depending on your task at sea.

Feature packed
The AP60 includes two user configurable profiles; WORK and NORMAL. The operator could configure the WORK profile for trawling,
towing or other operations, and switch from NORMAL to WORK with one press of a button. The AP60 includes NoDrift steering, thruster
integration and turn patterns such as U-Turn and S-Turn – features you wouldn’t expect to find in an entry level Autopilot.

We steer any vessel
The Simrad autopilot series prides itself on flexibility and the ability to customise a solution to steer any vessel. The control unit can be
used in isolation, as part of a multi-station system, or alongside a wide range of remote controls. The AP60 is also compatible with the
most comprehensive range of Simrad autopilot computers, interface boxes, heading sensors and rudder feedback units. This unit stands
out amongst the competition for its sheer versatility and the ability to meet the needs of a wide range of both leisure and commercial

The latest family of Simrad autopilots is the result of over 60 years of design and production from a company recognised as a leader in
auto steering and navigation.

Main Features

  • The most cost effective advanced autopilot system with thruster integration
  • Compatible with an extensive range of existing Simrad autopilot remote controllers and accessories
  • Two user configurable profiles; NORMAL and WORK –customise parameters to suit specific operations
  • Designed by the world leaders in autopilot technology
  • Backed by the Simrad Advantage Service program which includes 7 years of worldwide product support

Technical Specification

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