The FA-30 delivers “Real-Time" AIS information to navigation systems providing critical collision avoidance information in all weather conditions

  • Enhances safe navigation by receiving critical navigation information from local AIS-equipped vessels
  • Vastly improves situational awareness in any weather conditions including dense fog, darkness, and congested waterways
  • Dual parallel channel, “Full Duplex" receiver design receives AIS contact messages up to 100% more often than dual channel “Multiplexing" receivers
  • High sensitivity, synthesized receiver automatically switches between international and local AIS channels
  • Optional amplified VHF splitter allows the use of a single antenna for VHF radio and AIS Receiver
  • Network output to NavNet 3D/vx2 and PCs for added redundancy and installation flexibility
  • Serial Output for integration with various radar and chart plotter systems
  • AIS Viewer Software included for on-board PC or land based installations
  • Bulkhead mounting and low power, flexible DC input voltage design for simplified installation
  • Receives dual frequencies from 156.025MHz to 162.025MHz
  • Channel Spacing 25 kHz/12.5 kHz
  • Power Supply 12-24 VDC, 1.2-0.6 A

Technical Specification
Static Data:

  • MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity)
  • IMO number
  • Ship’s name
  • Call sign
  • Length and beam
  • Type of ship
  • Location of position-fixing antenna on the ship

Dynamic Data:

  • Coordinated universal time (UTC)
  • Course over ground (COG)
  • Speed over ground (SOG)
  • Heading
  • Navigation status

Voyage Related Data:

    • Ship’s draft*
    • Hazardous cargo
    • Destination and ETA*
    • Safety-related messages


      • LED display
      • Serial data output

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