Everything needed for hailing and calling in one unit


Built-in GPSM

Built-in High-sensitivity 72 channels GPS with internal antenna which eliminates external GPS antenna and its wiring requirements.


Built-in AIS receiver

When connected to an MFD or Chart Plotter that can read and display AIS data, the built-in AIS receiver will guarantee your safety at sea by providing all the data you need for situational awareness and collision avoidance.


Loud Hailer

15 W PA/Loud Hailer having 8 automatic fog/warning signals and a listen-back capability allowing for two-way communication.


Class D DSC

With Class D DSC (Digital Selective Calling), the FM-4800 allows you to transmit both routine calls and distress calls in case of an emergency.


NMEA2000 Interface

Plug and play NMEA2000 interface allows you to easily connect the FM-4800 to your navigation devices. When connected to the NavNet TZtouch2, DSC calls can be initiated directly from your MFD.


Dual Station

‚ÄčThe optional handset HS-4800 supports al the functionality of the FM-4800 and works as a second station. Intercom function is also supported.


25 W/1 W output power
Loud Hailer/ Fog Horn
Loud Hailer/ Fog Horn
Dual Station with optional handset
ATIS mode for inland waterways
10 weather channels
Fully waterproof (IP67)

Technical Specifications

 FM-4800 Brochure