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Starting January 1st 2010 the fishing business will be legally obliged to hand in their digital log-data to the government.

To be able to do this on board of the fishing ship one will need the electronic logbook designed and created by E-Catch.

E-Catch has been developed by working shoulder to shoulder with professionals from the business. By manner of trials and testing in cooperation with the government, a product has been created that adheres to the standards set by the government. An excellent balance between user friendliness and functionality has been found.

E-Catch has been designed and built in modules. This means that the basic form is up to the government-set standards. Aside from the basic form, one can find an additional module of, for example, a weighing system. In the future more modules will be developed which will help the user to design a personal system to his or her own demands and wishes.

The E-Logbook designed by EFICE is prepared according to the upcoming legal standards and adheres to the full demands set by the government. The messages that the E-Logbook produces are tested by the government for content, correctness and level of completeness. This programme has been created in multiple languages to be of service to flagships in the future.

The easy practicality of the E-Logbook made by EFICE is that data which is the same every week can be automatically added from the favourites in the programme. These favourites, like docking sites, fishing gear, the width of the meshes and such only need to be filled out once during the installation and then saved in the configuration. The different fish species caught every week can be pre-selected and then automatically shown when the catch needs to be registered.

The programme is based on the principle that files which need to be changed are kept at a minimum. This has the advantage that the programme takes very little time on a daily basis.

Aside from the necessary components, E-Logbook also has different items added to it which give a higher value and pleasure in working with the programme. For instance, the programme gives an estimate of the caught fish during the trip. If one were to fill out the price one receives for a certain type of fish from beforehand, one would have some insight into the worth of the cargo towards the end of the trip and can then make a decent estimate of the grand total before reaching port.

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