FURUNO FCV-2100 Black Box Echo Sounder


By combining Split Beam technology with FURUNO’s TruEcho CHIRP, we have simultaneously improved fish size measurement accuracy and achieved higher-resolution target images. This makes it easier to discern fish outlines in order to detect fish size in densely packed shoals within the mid-surface layer zone, or to discriminate single fish near the seabed.

This fish distribution display shows the targeted fish’s position and movements. Fish echoes from the latest three scans are displayed, color of circle indicates strength of individual fish echo, which helps to track schools.

  • Display remarkably accurate fish size measurements in easy-to-understand graph form
  • Simultaneously displays fish size measurements in three locations
  • Checking past images with the convenient scroll-back mode
  • Makes your fishing operation more efficient
  • Can be connected to an external fish finder (DFF3/DFF1-UHD network fish finer*)
  • Easy to install compact transducer

Technical Specification


Transmitting frequency – 100 kHz nominal
Output Power 1 kW transmission
Transmitting rate 800 pulse/min or less
Pulselength – 0.04 ms


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