Powerful technology in a compact 9" Chart Plotter with Built-in CHIRP FISH FINDER !


Multi-Touch Interface

Convenient and intuitive slide-out menus
The GP-1871F/1971F smart interface, inherited from the NavNet TZtouch2, features slide-out menus containing all the tools and data you need to be in total control.

Quick page


Slide-out Menu


Display modes customization
Customize your display modes and create the perfect combination to fit your individual needs.

Cusomisation menu

Main Menu and Display mode setting

Finger Gestures
With the Finger Gestures (one or two fingers) you can either zoom-in, zoom-out, double tap to take a screenshot or even jump to a full-screen mode when using Split-screen display mode.

Chart Plotter (with internal GPS antenna)

Detailed Chart with C-MAP 4D compatibility
By using the incredibly rich C-MAP 4D charts, the GP-1871F/1971F delivers highly precise data that features plenty of useful information, such as relief vectors, tidal streams and marine plans, considerably enhancing your navigational awareness.

C-MAP Chart data

Chart Plotter with instruments panels

Autopilot controls
Via the CAN bus network interface, The NAVpilot-300 and NAVpilot-711C can be connected to the GP-1871F and GP-1971F and controlled directly from the Chart Plotter.

Chart Plotter with NAVpilot controls

C-MAP C-Weather
C-Weather data can be downloaded from C-map.com providing Wind, Wave, Weather, Humidity and Temperature information.

Plotter with AIS symbols
When connected to an AIS receiver, the GP-1871F/1971F will display the latest AIS data and provide vessel information.

Various display modes
​Including Shaded reliefs, 3D and Satellite views.


Unmatched detail with TruEcho CHIRP™
The high level of detail available with TruEcho CHIRP™ technology helps to distinguish fish schools, even when close to the sea bed.

Fish can be observed with a very high resolution and are displayed in a distinct boomerang shape. The clear presentation marks individual game fish and bait fish, even when tightly schooled together.

ACCU-FISH™ and Bottom Discrimination with RezBoost™
With FURUNO’s RezBoost™ data processing technology, fish schools and echoes are shown with high resolution while you can assess fish size and bottom composition thanks to ACCU-FISH™ and Bottom Discrimination functions.

Additionnaly, ACCU-FISH™ icons and colors can be freely customized according to the size and depth of the targeted fish.

Wireless Radar Connection

DRS4W 1st Watch Wireless Radar
The GP-1871F and GP-1971F are connectable to the 1st Watch Wireless Radar
(Output Power 4 kW) giving your Chart Plotter a major upgrade in accuracy and safety.

Plotter Overlay mode

Radar Mode

Easy screenshot and MicroSD card

Tap the display with two fingers to capture a screenshot that will be saved directly to your microSD card.

AF (Anti-finger print) treatment on AR glass (GP-1971F)
AR (Anti-Reflective) glass coating and strengthened glass filter
Internal GPS antenna for simple and easy installation
Daylight viewable with excellent readability , brightness of 1000 cd/m2






















Interconnection Diagram

Technical Specification

 FURUNO GP-1971F Brochure