Since its inception in 1948 when the world’s first fishfinder was commercialized, FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. has been responding to the needs of the society through developing various types of marine electronics. Today, FURUNO is a total marine electronics manufacturer operating in the global scale with great many loyal customers.

FURUNO is now upholding our unwavering confidence in our technological expertise. Our core competencies lie in our sensing, processing and communication technologies, "S-P-C Technologies." We draw on these technologies to engage in businesses in wide-ranging fields, extending from the pivotal maritime sphere to industrial electronics, including GPS, medical and information communications equipment. These activities touch the underwater, outer space and areas in between. Our overall initiative is to grow as a global, innovative company.

FURUNO is determined to continue to make efforts to serve our customers and contribute to the society, consequence of which, we believe, shall lead to further our reliability, hence achieving sustainable growth in corporate value.

NMEA Awards in 2010

1. Radar: FURUNO NavNet 3D DRS Ultra Hi-Def Radar Series
2. Navigation: FURUNO NavNet 3D MFDl2 Multi-Function Display
3. Fish Finding: FURUNO FCV-295 Digital Fish Finsder
4. Marine Specialty: FURUNO SC-30 Satellite Compass
5. Manufacturer of the Year – Support: FURUNO U.S.A., INC.