McMurdo leads the world in the design and manufacture of emergency beacons, Tracking and Monitoring solutions and Navigation Infrastructure systems for use on land and at sea. Employing the latest state of the art technology McMurdo’s world class products and solutions are used by organisations such as the US Coastguard and the Royal Navy as well as commercial and leisure users worldwide.

As part of a global company, McMurdo appreciates how the power of individuals, teamwork and cultural diversity work to provide superior experiences for both our customers and our employees. This is a vision brought to reality through a strong business culture which stimulates the development of:

Innovation and High Performance: Through a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our customers, the development of market trends and internal competencies we work hard to discover hidden opportunities and and create value.

Continuous Improvement: We are not content with merely maintaining a high level of service and performance, we have a culture which encourages all to continually work in improving everything that we do.

Agility: Strength and flexibility of approach means that we can rapidly adapt to new opportunities and keep in step with the changing needs of the business.

Global Esprit de Corps: McMurdo are part of a multinational family with a strong business culture focused on common goals.

Great People: McMurdo recognize that our success relies on continually providing development and training to help our people grow. We are proud of the contribution that our individual team members make and are committed to helping them achieve their best.