Furuno’s advanced DSP technology brings a new level of performance to marine radar

The new 12.1" color LCD radar FR-8xx5 series features hybrid radar design, which inherits superior transceiver performance of the FR-8xx2 series as well as versatile functionalities of model 18×5/19×5 series. The antenna gearbox is commonly used for both the FR-8xx2 and the FR-8xx5 series, and the transceiver unit inside gearbox now becomes spurious emission compatible. The FR-8xx5 series keeps backward antenna compatibility***, and it features variety capabilities such as standard AIS display and sophisticated radar signal processing of model 18×5/19×5 series. The new FR-8xx5 makes sure to satisfy existing users of the FR-8xx2 series and will provides best solution to whom look for industrial quality and high-performance stand alone radar.

Technical Specification

  • Peak Output Power : 6kW
  • Type : 1255 mm Open (4′) or 1795 mm Open (6′)
  • Frequency : 9410+/-30 MHz (X-band), P0N
  • Beam Width (Horizontal) : XN12A: 1.9°, XN13A: 1.35°
  • Beam Width (Verticial) : 22°
  • Range Scales : 0.0625 to 72 nm
  • Antenna Rotation Speed : 24 rpm or 48 rpm* (Specify the antenna length and rotation speed when ordering.)
  • Weight : XN12A: 25 kg / XN13A: 27 kg


  • Display Unit : 12.1 inch color LCD, 800 (V) x 600 (H) pixels (SVGA)
  • Display Mode : Head-up mode, Course-up mode, True view mode*1, True motion*2 (*1 Requires heading data *2 Requires heading and position data)
  • Other Mode / Functions : ARP/AIS display*1, Target tracking*2, User programmable keys, Echo trails
    *1 Requires AIS transponder/receiver installed
    *2 Requires heading and speed data
  • Weight : 5.8 kg


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