Safety at Sea


Monitor watch offcer's presence and receive early warning detections in case of an emergency

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McMurdo Smartfind G8 EPIRB with GPS and auto housing

Rugged, multi GNSS 406MHz EPIRB with both GPS and Galileo receivers, optimised for new MEOSAR system.

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McMurdo Smartfind G8 EPIRB with GPS, AIS and auto housing

For enhanced detection & location performance, the G8 combines a global alerting 406MHz EPIRB with the localised locating & tracking power of AIS.

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Navitron NT920-WA

The NT920WA is a time-based alarm unit with built-in Power Fail detection which is most often used in conjunction with Navitron Autopilots but may also be used as a stand-alone alarm system remotely activated by proprietary autopilot systems.

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FURUNO's Bridge Alarm System manages the onboard equipment alarms and monitors watch officer's presence for early detection of emergency

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406 MHz EPIRB with Float Free Auto-Release and GPS

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