Navitron NT920-WA

Navitron NT920-WA

The NT920WA is a time-based alarm unit with built-in Power Fail detection which is most often used in conjunction with Navitron Autopilots but may also be used as a stand-alone alarm system remotely activated by proprietary autopilot systems (11 – 40Vdc supply voltage range).
Unsuitable for external location, the Watch Alarm should be installed in an enclosed bridge or wheelhouse in a position commensurate with RESET button operation.

At the instant of autopilot engagement (Mode switch to ON) a four-minute timing period commences which may be restarted at any time by manual operation of the Watch Alarm RESET button.

If the RESET button is not pushed and the four-minute period expires, a low-level audible alarm is emitted for a period of one minute (60 seconds).

Failure to cancel the low-level alarm within 60 seconds will result in a high-level audible alarm which will continue until the RESET button is operated (new four-minute period starts) or until the autopilot is disengaged (Mode switch to STANDBY or OFF).

A two way built in POWER FAIL alarm will immediately sound at the emergency high level in the event of autopilot power supply or watch alarm internal battery failure.

The POWER FAIL alarm can only be reset by disengagement of the autopilot or restoration of the power supply.

A volt free normally open contact rated 1A / 24Vdc is provided within the Watch Alarm to drive an auxiliary alarm (if required) in the high level (emergency) mode only.

Compass Safe Distance – 1.0m
Weight – 1.0Kg

Technical Specification