FURUNO CH-500 Sonar



For Recreational

Boats For Fishing Vessels

Unmatched training speeds and High resolution echoes

Smart features for productive fishing


Incredibly fast training speed
Faster motor delivering quicker training speeds NEW
Faster training speed can aid in earlier detection regarding fish targets or obstruction avoidance.

6 step angles for speed adjustement according to the user’s needs

This CH-500 sonar is one of the most comprehensive and fastest sonars of its kind. It provides 6 selectable step variations (6°,12°,15°,18°,21° and 24°) for high scanning speed that can cover sectors widths from 24° to 360° in a couple of seconds. Thanks to its high training speeds, the CH-500 can rapidly scan a large area providing the ultimate fishing and navigational experience.

Expert tip: While moving fast, use the 24° step scan in order to get a glimpse of the surroundings. If you detect something interesting, slow down and switch to a decreased step angle for clearer echoes.

Smart features to efficiently find local fish

Built-in motion sensors provide a stabilized target presentation in rough sea conditions
The CH-500 searchlight sonar is the first of its class to have integrated motion sensors.
In rough seas, vessels tend to move in every direction. This movement can cause inaccurate target information to be displayed. The role of the integrated motion sensors is to precisely compensate for those negative effects and provide accurate data to the user.

In the right hand picture above, you can see that once the stabilizer is activated, the bottom echo recovers its circular shape. The sonar is then able to provide accurate data in different sea conditions. Thanks to its integrated motion sensors, the CH-500 is able to detect fish that didn’t appear with the non-stabilized echo.

Reverberation reduction function NEW

The reverberation reduction offers both better understanding and better appreciation of the nature of detected echoes. Below is an example of how the Reverberation reduction function highlights the wreck from the surrounding seabed.

Full-circle A-Scope mode and audible target detection

The A-Scope mode shows the last detected echoes with one single color. The nature of the target can be quickly understood as the size of the echo is greatly amplified and even the smallest echoes are shown.
*The more opaque the color, the latest the echo.

The CH-500 also features fish and obstacle audio signals depending on the nature and the size of the detected object. Whether there are air bubbles, big or small fish schools, and seabed, the emitted sound is different. This feature shows its usefulness when used with the Full-circle A-scope mode, our recommanded combination to know the nature of the target with precision, and during long sea trips, as it frees the user from continuously watching the screen.

Quick Gain Control

Various display modes

11 display modes for various situations.

  • Horizontal
  • Horizontal (zoomed)
  • Vertical
  • Echo sounder
  • Full-circle A-Scope
  • Horizontal/History
  • Horizontal/ Full-circle A-scope
  • Horizontal/ vertical (split)
  • Horizontal/ Vertical (side window)
  • Horizontal/ A-Scope
  • Echo Sounder/ A-Scope

Image clarity and high resolution echoes

Higher resolution due to advanced signal processing NEW
A powerful signal and image processing techniques, based on a unique interpolation technology, provides images in high resolution. Even if the fish are located near the seabed, the different echoes are clearly shown and easy to understand. The higher resolution display yields a presentation that is crisp and clear.

Semi-transparent menu NEW
Keep an eye on the targets while changing the settings in the menu thanks to a semi-transparent window

Designed for all environments

12.1 inch, High brilliance display (XGA)

Water-resistant to withstand the most rigorous environments
Display unit (MU-121) Control Unit (CH-502), Hull unit and Transceiver unit are all water-resistant (IP55)

Hull unit offering various installation possibilities

  • 5 choices of frequency (60/88/150/180/240Khz)
  • 2 types of stroke 250/400mm, 5 lengths of shaft, various cable lengths
  • 2 types of power supply (VDC 12/24)

Blackbox configuration allowing use of other displays
Users can install their favorite HDMI monitor (local supply) if choosing the black box configuration

12 languages available

English, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Malay, Burmese, French, Norwegian, Italian, Japanese






















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