MONITOR NOT INCLUDED (optional 19" marine display shown)

See underwater clearly and accurately with incredible high definition echoes
With a transmission rate that has been increased by up to 1.4 times (200m range), FCV-1900 ensures excellent target separation and clarity.







  • Display up to four different frequencies

Display up to four different frequencies together in a compact and easy way by connecting a required network fish finder. Since there is no need to install additional displays, this system is especially useful for small vessels.

  • Simultaneous gain setting for increased visibility

Display two different gain settings simultaneously for increased visibility in changing water conditions and when changing vessel speed.

  • Zero Line Rejection

Observe clear echoes from just 3 meters below your vessel with Zero Line Rejection, allowing you to better analyze the water column from near to far.


  • Improved control unit for simple and intuitive operation

The control unit features a water resistant touch pad that works even when wearing rubber gloves. You can use the touch pad for setting up VRM and TLL in an instant.

  • Scroll back function

With the press of a button you can activate the scroll back function to instantly review past echoes. Up to two previous screens can be viewed.

  • FURUNO Free Synthesizer transceiver for adjustable operating frequency

Retrofitting is made easy. With FFS technology, you can easily replace an FCV-1200L processor unit while utilizing the same transducer for convenient installation.

  • Upgrade to FCV-1900B Hi-Res Fish Finder or FCV-1900G Fish size indicator

By purchasing and installing a software license, you can upgrade your FCV-1900 model to a FCV-1900B Hi-Res TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder* or a FCV-1900G TruEcho CHIRP™ with unique fish size indicator*. FCV-1900G offers a precise fish size histogram for accurate estimation of fish size and density of schools of fish. With fish size histogram, targets can be properly evaluated, spelling increased efficiency and profitability.
*TruEcho CHIRP™ compatible transducer required.

Technical Specification

  • Pixel number : Landscape XGA(1024×768), Landscape SXGA(1280×1024),Portrait SXGA(1024×1280)


  • Frequency : 15 kHz to 200 kHz, Free Syntheziser
  • Transducer : 1,2 or 3 kW
  • Range Scale Depth range : 5 to 3000 m
  • Expansion range : 5 to 200 m
  • Pulselength & PRR : 10 to 2700 pulses/min (5 to 3000 m range, normal mode)
  • Display Mode : Single mode (high/low frequency), Dual-frequency, Zoom, User 1/2, User 1/2 available to use mixture, multi-gain, telesounder and external sounder display
  • Range Shift : 2000 m max.
  • ACCU-FISH™ : 2 m depth or more, specified transducer required
  • Bottom Discrimination : Range : 5 to 100 m, Speed : 10 kn or less, BBDS1 required

 FCV-1900 Brochure
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