Furuno FCV628


Equipped with Furuno’s latest technology, the Bottom Discrimination Function – Analyze bottom structure!

Accu-Fish allows the FCV628 to display the actual fish size on the individual fish echo on-screen. When used concurrently with Fish Marks, Accu-Fish is a great help in identifying fish targets on the display. Alternatively, Accu-Fish can display the actual depth of the fish target instead of fish size.(FCV-628 can detect the fish size of 10 to 199cm, in the depth of 2 to 100m)

Bottom Discrimination
The FCV628’s Bottom Discrimination feature indicates if the bottom is composed primarily of rocks, sand, gravel or mud, providing valuable information to help you locate rich fishing grounds and boost your catch of the day.(selected transducers only)

Post processing Gain Control:
Changes to the gainsettings are applied to newechoesas well as all of theechoespreviously on the screen.

Technical Specification

  • Dual-Frequency 50/200 kHz
  • 600W RMS Output Power
  • 12-24 VDCBright 5.7" colour LCD gives excellent readability even in broad daylight
  • 640 x 480 pixel wide angle 800cd/m2 bright Bonded LCD screen (no fog)Dimensions 87.1mmW x 116.2mmH
  • Audio and visual alarms for water depth, fish echoes and water temperature
  • Wide variety of transducer options
  • Selectable automatic cruising or fishing modes to suit your style of boating
  • Automatic function for detecting fish and bottom in both shallow and deep water
  • Alarms: Bottom, Fish (bottom lock and normal), Speed, Water Temperature and Arrival (Speed, arrival and water temperature alarms require appropriate sensor)
  • White line feature helps discriminate fish lying near the bottom
  • IPX56 Waterproof Rating

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