WASSP F3 fishing version


WASSP F3 fishing version

This next generation multibeam sounder has been redesigned from the ground up around a new fully digital DRX transceiver. It delivers on every front – accurate, versatile, user-friendly and most importantly, scalable to your exact needs.


The F3 is set to revolutionise inshore fisheries with its Wideband CHIRP technology. Scanning a 120 degrees swath port to starboard and using 224 beams, the F3 delivers each and every time. By using advanced signal processing, you get a complete picture of seafloor bathymetry with ease.


>New all-in-one digital DRX transceiver

Incredibly versatile and ready for the next technology advances. This innovative all-in-one “black-box” is not just a robust hardware platform but also introduces cutting-edge technical innovations and incredible versatility for finding your catch. This opens countless new possibilities for your operations.

DRX Hardware 377mm (L) x 260mm (W) x 132mm (H)

>CDX – Simplified user interface

The F3 introduces a new simplified WASSP CDX for control, visualisation and data management while still providing a comprehensive set of functions to meet the most demanding fishing requirements.

>Wideband fully digital

136 – 184kHz (F3), 68 – 92kHz (F3X-L; available Q4 2016) transducer technology

>Unprecedented Clarity

>Choose your own functions

with new licensing options

>Cost-effective solution

for multiple applications

>Wireless capability with optional licence

>Easy to install/commission

>Turnkey solution offered with position/heading and motion sensors

>TimeZero compatible

with optional licence (available Q1 2017)

Technical Specification

No Technical Specifications