WASSP S3 survey version


WASSP S3 survey version

The NEW S3 WASSP multibeam sounder is the first release on the new DRX digital / wideband hardware platform. S3 is purpose built for the survey and mapping market, however dredging, coastal, estuary mapping, wreck hunting , potting and lining all fall within the S3’s capabilities.

New Easy to Use Interface

The S3 introduces new simplified WASSP software for control, visualisation and data management. Configure S3 with WASSP software or export data to your current hydrographic and survey software such as HYPACK. (EIVA and QINSy will support S3 in Q2 2016).

Choose your own functions

Introducing a new online licensing system which enables you to choose which functions you want today and add news ones as you need them. The product is shipped with WASSP software for 2D / 3D mapping and Polar view .

Additional Functionality via Licence:

  • WASSP Wireless
  • 3rd Party Interface
  • Sounder Mode
  • Side Scan (future licence)
  • Backscatter (future licence)

DRX Digital Wideband Hardware

DRX Hardware 377mm (L) x 260mm (W) x 132mm (H)

This innovative low power, transceiver is not just a robust hardware platform but also introduces cutting edge technical innovations and incredible versatility for survey and mapping. The WASSP DRX uses wide-band technology and is rated to IP53 running on 9-32 volts, making it ideal for the harsh marine environment which many WASSP customers operate in.

WASSP S3 benefits at a glance:

  • New DRX digital / wideband hardware platform
  • Choose additional functions via online licensing system
  • Touchscreen compatible software
  • Integrate data with HYPACK with EIVA & QINSy to support in Q2 2016
  • New flexible transducer cable for portability, making it easier to install in a pelican case
  • Simplified installation and commissioning
  • Turnkey packages available which include position/heading and motion sensors

Technical Specification

No Technical Specifications.



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